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Saskatchewan Ministry of Education SaskCareers
Career & Personality Assessments Career Planning
Career Resources (various) Cover Letters and Applications
Essential Work Skills Finances
Interviews Occupational Profiles
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Saskatchewan Post Secondary Links Workers’ Rights

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

  1. Ministry of Education Website
  2. Saskatchewan Curriculum Online
  3. Ministry Accident Reporting Info


  1. MyBlueprint
  2. Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course

Career & Personality Assessments

  1. alis
  2. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
  3. Career Navigator
  4. School Finder 3 Step Career Quiz

Career Planning

    1. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    2. Career Directions
    3. myBlueprint (School user name and password required)
    4. Next Steps
    5. Pursue
    6. Think Construction

    Cover Letters and Applications

    1. Job Search
    2. Pursue

    Finances & Scholarships

    1. Canada Student Loans
    2. Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan
    3. CanLearn Student Loans, Grants and Scholarships
    4. Money and Youth
    5. Service Canada
    7. Scholar Tree


    1. ALIS Behavioral Descriptive Interviews
    2. Typical Interview Questions
    3. Career Planning; Job Interviews
    4. Pursue

    Occupational Profiles

    1. Alberta Occupational Profiles
    2. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    3. Career Options for Women
    4. National Occupational Classification
    5. Saskatchewan Job Futures
    6. Where Am I Going?
    7. Working in Canada Tool


    1. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    2. Quintessential Careers

    Post-Secondary Publications

    1. U of R
    2. U of S


    1. Alberta Learning Information Service
    2. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    3. Career Planning
    4. Job Search Handbook
    5. Pursue


    1. Bloody lucky Videos
    2. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
    3. CCOHS Free Resources
    4. Health & Safety 101
    5. Ready For Work
    6. Work Safe Saskatchewan
    7. Work Safe BC Safety Videos

    Saskatchewan Post Secondary Links

    1. Apprenticeship and Trades
    2. Distance Learning
    3. Private Vocational Colleges
    4. Regional Colleges of Saskatchewan
    5. Religious Colleges
    6. Sask Polytech
    7. University of Regina
    8. University of Saskatchewan
    9. Credit Transfers

    Workers’ Rights

    1. Government of Saskatchewan (harassment)
    2. Occupational Health & Safety (bullying)
    3. Service Canada Training and Careers
    4. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
    5. Labour Relations and Workplace Safety


    1. Health Careers in Saskatchewan
    2. National Life/Work Center
    3. Prairie South School Division Career Documents
    4. Saskatchewan Career and Work Education Association (SCWEA)
    5. Youth2Youth – A web portal to assist students with learning disabilities with their transitions to post-secondary and the world of work.