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Career Development in a Virtual World

Teaching during a pandemic has led us to be creative in the ways that we reach our students. Here are some of our favourite platforms we’ve learned how to use/used more of this year:

Loom – a free platform you can use to record instructional videos on your screen, cam, or both. Be sure to sign up using your educator email and to request the free upgraded educator account.

Google Sites – Build internal project hubs, public-facing websites, and more – all without IT help. With Google Sites, building a website is so easy! Just drag the content where you need it. Google Sites can be a great place to store career development information for parents and students to access.

Remind – Send messages that students and parents can’t miss – directly to their phones! Remind allows you to manage multiple different classrooms and create messages to be sent live or at a scheduled time.

myBlueprint – All students in Saskatchewan have access to myBlueprint, an online based portfolio and career education resource. Students can research careers, create a resume, or plan their high school classes all on this user-friendly platform.

Everfi – Everfi empowers educators to bring real world learning and equip students with the skills they need for success. It is free for teachers to sign up and use with their students. Courses are available in financial literacy, college and career readiness, social emotional learning, and mental well-being.

RBC Future Launch at Home – Virtual programs to keep students engaged in future development at home. Opportunities include a Future Launch summit, skills development, financial literacy, networking, mental well-being, and the Future Launch Scholarship.

Wakelet – A great collaborative website that helps change the way you and your students find, store, and organize information on the web. Use the platform to gather research, create digital portfolios, tell digital stories, distribute newsletters, and much more!

Chatterhigh – An online resource with games, quizzes, and competitions for students to increase their ability to make mindful higher education and careers decisions.

Data Dashboards – The Labour Market Info Council is dedicated to enhancing the availability and relevance of labour market info students need in the career decision making process.

Junior Achievement – Junior Achievement’s programs teach youth about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness, and support the curriculum in Saskatchewan. The free online programs can be accessed in two ways: self directed or teacher led.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

  1. Ministry of Education Website
  2. Saskatchewan Curriculum Online
  3. Ministry Accident Reporting Info

Post Grad Plan

  1. myBlueprint
  2. Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course

Career & Personality Assessments

  1. alis
  3. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
  4. School Finder 3 Step Career Quiz

Career Planning

    1. myBlueprint (School user name and password required)
    2. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    3. Pursue
    4. Careers In Construction

    Finances & Scholarships

    1. Talk with our Kids about Money
    2. Canada Student Loans
    3. Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan
    4. CanLearn Student Loans, Grants and Scholarships
    5. Service Canada
    7. Scholar Tree
    8. Student Awards


    1. Career Planning; Job Interviews
    2. Pursue

    Occupational Profiles

    1. myBlueprint (School user name and password required)
    2. Alberta Occupational Profiles
    3. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    4. National Occupational Classification
    5. Saskatchewan Job Futures
    6. Where Am I Going?
    7. Working in Canada Tool
    8. Agriculture Equipment Technician


    1. myBlueprint (School user name and password required)
    2. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    3. Quintessential Careers

    Post-Secondary Publications

    1. U of R
    2. U of S

    Cover Letter and Resume’

    1. myBlueprint (School user name and password required)
    2. Career Cruising (requires school password and username)
    3. Career Planning
    4. Pursue


    1. Bloody lucky Videos
    2. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
    3. CCOHS Free Resources
    4. Health & Safety 101
    5. Work Safe BC Safety Videos

    Saskatchewan Post Secondary Links

    1. Apprenticeship and Trades
    2. Regional Colleges of Saskatchewan
    3. Sask Polytech
    4. University of Regina

    Workers’ Rights

    1. Government of Saskatchewan (harassment)
    2. Occupational Health & Safety (bullying)
    3. Service Canada Training and Careers
    4. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
    5. Labour Relations and Workplace Safety


    1. National Life/Work Center
    2. Prairie South School Division Career Documents
    3. Youth2Youth – A web portal to assist students with learning disabilities with their transitions to post-secondary and the world of work.