SCWEA Awards 2020

Award of Excellence 

Every year the Award of Excellence is presented to the SCWEA member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of Career and Work Education in Saskatchewan.  This year’s recipient Barbara McKinnon has served as an advisor on the SCWEA executive for many years. Barbara had a long and distinguished career as a Business Education Teacher in Prairie South School Division, before moving to the Ministry of Education as an Education Consultant. Over the course of her career she has championed Career Education through her work with the Business Education Association, the Junior Achievement Company Program, Skills Canada Saskatchewan and now as an Education Consultant with the Ministry of Education working on the renewal of PAA curriculums.  Most recently, she coordinated the team of champions responsible for the renewal of the Career & Work Exploration Curriculum.  

Recognition of Service Award
The SCWEA Recognition of Service Award is presented to a member who has made recent and present contributions in support of Career and Work Education in our province. This year, we are honoured to present the Recognition of Service Award to a long-time supporter of SCWEA and current executive member – Sergeant Juli Nyiri.
For those who do not know Sergeant Nyiri, she has been an incredible champion of SCWEA through the years as a Canadian Forces Recruiter and as an active executive member. Through her role with the Canadian Forces, she supports young people who are interested in learning more about the numerous opportunities available. She shares her knowledge about the various ways to become involved with the forces, its benefits, and support students/families with the decision making process.
Sergeant Nyiri is a promoter of the Bold Eagle Program which combines Indigenous culture and teachings with military training that help participants develop valuable skills such as self-confidence, teamwork, respect and fitness while exploring involvement in the Canadian military.
Several years ago, Leanne and I were fortunate to attend a Canadian Forces Female Influencer Training opportunity which took as to the west coast at the Canadian Forces Base in Esquimalt, British Columbia. Sergeant Nyiri also participated in this influencer experience at which participants learned about various jobs offered by the Canadian Armed Forces, visited training facilities, networked with employees, and sailed onboard a Canadian warship. Being able to engage in experiential learning and talk directly with Forces members, such as Sergeant Nyiri, helped to dispel some myths and misconceptions we may have had and help us to better communicate and offer supports to interested young people.
At a past SCWEA Conference, Sergeant Nyiri shared a story about how she became involved with the Canadian Forces. She remembers attending university while maintaining a part time job flipping burgers to finance her education. One day, she happened to drive by the Armoury and noticed there was an open house, so she decided to pop in and find out more – the rest is history. She trained as a mechanic in the Canadian Forces and has served on Tours of Duty. She now serves as a military recruiter as a Career Counsellor for Canadian Forces Recruitment – Regina.
Sergeant Juli Nyiri is a true champion of SCWEA. As executive members, we appreciate Juli’s positive personality and willingness to dedicating time to furthering career development supports for educators and students within our province. We recognize her service and contributions and are lucky to have her as a colleague and friend – both in uniform and off-duty. Congratulations Juli!

Friends of SCWEA Award 2020
The Friends of SCWEA Award is presented to non-educators who assist in the development and promotion of Career and Work Education in Saskatchewan. It is a great honour to present the Friends of SCWEA Award to Lloyd and Sandy Giles of Giles Midtown Auto Body. Giles Midtown Auto Body is a family owned and operated business in the small yet vibrant rural community of Elrose, Saskatchewan. This year marks an incredible milestone for owners Lloyd and Sandy Giles as they celebrate 50 years of service to Elrose and area communities.
Those who know Lloyd and Sandy have witnessed the value they place on ‘giving back’ to their local and area communities. They have supported numerous causes through contributions to fundraisers and community projects. They have offered entrepreneurial advice and assistance to local initiatives and have volunteered personal time to various committees. As well, Lloyd and Sandy have always believed in the benefits of opening their business to young people for various work-based learning experiences. Their actions have made a lasting impact on our community.
The success of any work-based learning program relies heavily on the incredible support of local and area businesses who open their doors to students and provide them with safe and supportive ‘real world’ learning experiences. Work-based learning experiences provide students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required in the workplace while expanding their transferable skills and investigating an occupational area of interest. Although welcoming young people into their place of business involves an incredible amount of coordination, patience, and time commitment, Lloyd and Sandy have always believed in supporting the learning experiences of youth. Through their 50 years of service, they have welcomed and supported countless students with the completion of non-paid Career and Work Exploration credits and Autobody courses. They have collaborated with the school division in support of Apprenticeship credits for students. As well, they have regularly provided youth with part-time, casual, summer, and after school employment. These experiences have provided young people with the opportunity to explore the world of work, develop skills, expand their network, and make informed decisions about their preferred futures.
Being entrepreneurial minded, Lloyd and Sandy have also acknowledged the value of investing in students as they view it as an opportunity to grow their business, contribute to the vitality of our small rural community, and help young people become engaged citizens. It is my honour to present the Friends of SCWEA Award to Lloyd and Sandy Giles of Giles Midtown Autobody. Congratulations on 50 years of service and thank you for your commitment and support of youth through Career and Work Education experiences.