SCWEA Student Award

In 2023 the Saskatchewan Career and Work Education Association will provide two awards of $200 each to two graduating students. One award will be given to students nominated from the northern area of the province and one from the southern area. Members of SCWEA may nominate one student by May 4, 2023. The SCWEA executive will perform a draw to determine the winners. The winning students will be notified, and asked to submit a photograph of themselves and a media/photo release signed by a parent or guardian. Criterion for the award will include the following:

  • The student must have achieved or be in progress to earn a credit in a class with a work-based learning component.
  • The student must be graduating in the year the award is given.
  • The student must have represented themselves well both in class activities and in their work placement.
  • The student should have shown considerable development in the classroom and potential in regards to the foundational objectives of Career and Work Exploration with particular emphasis on:
    • Development of their personal goals and characteristics in understanding themselves and the changing world around them.
    • Demonstration of personal accountability, communication and networking skills.
    • Recognition of transferable and employ-ability skills and the wide scope of career opportunities.
    • Responsible participation in their work placement in a safe and healthy manner.
    •  Progress in the development of a career and/or work portfolio.
    • Ability to interact positively and effectively with others in regards to career education.

2023 Award Recipients

South: Amna Saleem – Central Collegiate

I believe taking this course has prepared me for the future after high school. It explored real examples of the rights and responsibilities of being an active citizen in Canadian society. It taught me about handling money, exploring work opportunities, understanding the roles of civil engagement and where I wanted to go after high school. While I was still in grade 10, I worked on this assignment that detailed my entry into post-secondary. I researched careers that I was interested in, but rather than stopping and saying “I want to be this when I grow up,” I really took the time to see what I would learn/be taught, the employment rates, skills to have, salary and if it matched my learning style, personality, and motivations. I then made a budget based on my program which included expenses like tuition, meal-plan, transportation etc. I never liked the idea of growing up so I preferred to stay in school, my safe haven. However, this course provided me with a confidence boost and made me feel as though I was equipped with the knowledge I needed to face the world as a real adult!

North: Renzo Mondejar Jr. – Churchill Community School

I am graduating senior high at Churchill Community high school. I have recently moved to Canada from the Philippines last 2021, and it has been a very different but surreal experience. As an Immigrant in a country of people that doesn’t speak my mother tongue. Communication became a source of frustration and gave me the urge to improve myself. I have realized the reason behind our family’s migration to Canada, at least for myself. So, I chose the most proper Job I could find that offers me to accumulate proper experience for my future. I am enrolled in CWEX 30 and working as a medical receptionist; in this job I have the privilege to talk to people and communicate with them using the English language which I believe is key to opening multiple doors and opportunities. Each day, I’m dealing with different types of people with different types of concerns, this allows me to expand my vocabulary and solidify my social skills. I have a high sense of self-awareness, I know what’s best and what I need, and I know this job as well as the class will prepare me for the future. In class I learned about workplace safety, my rights and responsibilities, hazards and prevention, WHMIS, Psychological health and safety as well as magazine articles and researching different jobs etc.

2022 Award Recipients

South: Eunice Faida – Central Collegiate

I took career work exploration in the 11th grade. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first got into it but I’d definitely say it had many benefits. The 11th grade is when you have to start making huge decisions, whether that’s university or life after high school. This class was perfect for me because at the time I felt like I was at a dead end with no knowledge of what to do with my life after I finish high school. Without this class I don’t think I would know what I am doing right now. Tana Rowe, my teacher, has taught me many things throughout this course. She taught me how to make my resume better, how to look for universities, taxes and how to manage expenses. I feel like in other classes they don’t teach us that kind of stuff so it was really refreshing learning all of these things. This class taught me to prepare for the future and to be responsible for myself. Tana Rowe set me up with a job at a superstore for this class. This taught me to always be on time, to be responsible for myself and to get to places on time. Working at a superstore was a great experience and I learned a lot of new things that I never knew before. I’m really thankful that I got the opportunity to grow and learn about pricing and organizing things. The manager of the clothing department taught me new things that I could learn for future jobs. Career work exploration was a fun class and is amazing for experience. Right after I finished the career work exploration course, I got a job at the best western hotel. boosting up my resume definitely helped. This is something all students around should get the opportunity to take, especially if you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing in life.

North: Eric Phong – Tommy Douglas Collegiate

Careers and Work Experience Class was an excellent opportunity to obtain practical and applicable knowledge for my desired career path. My first workplace experience exposed me to the business world in technology. Working at a computer repair shop allowed me a chance to apply some of my knowledge from Robotics Class. From this experience the most important thing I’ve learned is building connections with others. This was a crucial lesson because I had my priorities straight when it came to my next work placement. My second work placement is arguably the most important one because I was to act as a teacher assistant at the University of Saskatchewan. Getting a placement at the university was a truly eye opening experience. This placement allowed me to meet with future professors and senior students. Not only that I was also given a sneak peak into what I’ll be doing in university. In all, Career work education taught me the importance of building relationships and provided a unique opportunity to work at the University of Saskatchewan.

2021 Award Recipients

South: Katie Wempe – Estevan Comprehensive School

We all ask ourselves “what do I want to be when I’m older?” and never truly find an answer or an honest response. Career and Work Experience class not only prepares me for life when I’m an adult by making a resume, creating a portfolio and being submerged into the work force. The class itself prepares me mentally by putting me in the shoes of an adult to some degree which I appreciate immensely. Being a student is hard but being an adult is even harder with many obstacles, challenges and changes awaiting me in the future. Career and Work Experience class provides me understanding of the workplace, prepares me for my bright gleaming future, and helps with answering the hard question of, “what do I want to be when I’m older?”

North: Nevada Braun – Tommy Douglas Collegiate

Many people believe that we “don’t learn anything in school” and that it’s a “waste of time.” Personally that information is one hundred percent false, every class has information to take away from it no matter what. I have sat through math, science, and english classes but none of them have taught me as much as my career classes have. When asked to answer the question; How has my Career and Work Experience Class prepared me for the future after high school? I got excited, I’ve been waiting for a chance to answer that question. Last year sadly due to COVID-19 I was unable to complete my placements but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in the establishment for four days and it was incredible; it taught me what career path I want to pursue after high school and what it will look like once I start. The Career and Work Experience class has prepared me for so much after high school I don’t even know where to begin. It has shown me simple skills like creating a portfolio to keep all work related things in one spot, as well as what an interview will look like and how to create a resume as well as a cover letter, we have also learned about workplace safety by completing the WHMIS Certificate. This year I took Career 20 in hopes that the virus would calm down and would be able to be put in another placement to get more experience but sadly that was unable to happen and the class became a PAAS 30. At first I was debating even staying in the class until I was informed of what we would be learning. This class has taught me more about student loans, credit cards, good credit and bad credit, what experiences you will see when you move out, how to manage time, and so much more. I’m able to put all of what I’ve learned into my future after high school. Yes, in school you learn how to solve problems in things you might need down the road but in a Career and Work Experience class you have the opportunity to learn things that can help you on a day-to-day basis. 

2020 Award Recipients

South: Mataya Brooks – Lumsden High School

I am currently enrolled to begin classes at Sask Polytechnic in Regina to become a dental assistant. Taking all of the Career/Work Explorations classes are what helped me to decide to become a dental assistant. I did my work experience at Cottonwood Dental in small town Lumsden, SK. They let me experience a whole new world. I got to watch oral surgery, filling, sealants, and other dental procedures. I also learned aspects like how to professionally answer the phone to help patients book appointments and to help them with anything they needed. I received a job offer at the dental clinic after completing my Career/Work Exploration hours. I continued to be enlightened and enriched because of the opportunity this class gave me. I will be better prepared for my career as a dental assistant because of my experience.

North: Hunter Leader – Tisdale Middle & Secondary School

Participating in the Career and Work Exploration 30 class provided me with a great opportunity to explore new careers. I originally took the class to receive volunteer hours at our local vet clinic so I could get into Veterinary Technology at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I soon learned I had to pick a second placement as well.  For my first placement I worked in an elementary school in a grade one classroom, and discovered it was a potential future career for me to look into. It was very rewarding watching the kids learn new things and improve their reading and writing. My second placement was at our vet clinic where I discovered Vet Technology was the one and only career for me. I learned many new skills and got the opportunity to see interesting procedures that will benefit me in the future when I am working in a vet clinic. The CWEX30 course gave me the chance to discover a new career option and gave me a way to make an informed decision on what career path I would like to pursue. To me this course has been the most beneficial experience I have had throughout all of high school.

2019 Award Recipients

South:  Fharis Ebet – Central Collegiate
During my time with Career and Work Exploration I’ve learned many skills like communication, teamwork, leadership and becoming more responsible.  CWEX teaches people how to get jobs and shows them that “if you want something in life you have to work for it because it won’t be given to you just like that.”  My placement was at Staples in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I stocked shelves and assisted customers when needed. I’ve gained confidence talking with customers and it helped me with cooperation skills.  I believe this experience will help me to obtain my first job and I am currently looking for work.

North:  Ashellin Van De Voord - Aden Bowman Saskatoon SD

“My Career and Work experience class has given my many tools such as creating a cover letter, interview preparation, and my rights as a worker.  My placement at Happy Hearts Pre-School allowed me to investigate the field of early childhood education.  Although I don’t wish to be at teacher, the placement showed me the early childhood stages of development in educational growth, behavioral patterns and how environment affects kids which will greatly contribute to my future career in psychology.

2018 Award Recipients

North Recipient for 2018:

Marissa Fleury, CWEX A30

Cumberland House, Saskatchewan

Charlebois Community School

How has my Career and Work Experience Class prepared me for the future after high school?

My Career and Work Experience class has prepared me for my future after high school by teaching me to be more patient, to better my organizational skills, and to work independently.  I found that I am able to handle my time better.  An example is being given an independent study at school and doing the work on my own time.  In my class I had to organize pictures in folders and lead people to what they can do.  Helping people get to where they can be also helped me to be more patient.  I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the fall.  I have registered for an Environmental Biology program in the college of Arts and Sciences.  I think Career and Work Exploration class has helped me a lot.

South Recipient for 2018:

Brody Baumann, CWEX 20

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Central Collegiate

How has my Career and Work Experience Class prepared me for the future after high school?

I went to Murray GM for my placement.  I worked with a mechanic named Jaden.  I really got a feel for what it is like working on new vehicles.  Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a mechanic, however, working here as a placement helped me to change my mind.  I will still work on cars as a hobby, but not as a career.  In the end of my work term, I was actually offered a part-time job changing oil for Murray GM.  To this day, I am still working there and enjoying it.  I am really glad that I joined this class.  I had a great time and now have a great job as a result.  I also really learned how to talk to people better just meeting them and getting the paperwork ready for jobs boosted my confidence when talking with people. Unfortunately I will be leaving my job after grad and I will be very sad to go, but in the end I am so happy I chose this class.

2017 Award Recipients

My Career and Work Experience class prepared me for my future after high school by pushing me in the right direction. In grade 11 i was advised to take the CWEX class, so I did. I can honestly say in the beginning I didn’t have any idea of where I wanted my placement or even what I wanted to be. My teacher and I had discussed options as well as my mom and I. I had come up with the idea of trying to work in a daycare. When it was time for me to go out into the workplace I was quite nervous yet excited to experience new things. My placement was at building blocks daycare and at the end of the course I was offered a part time job after school, to this day I have now been working there. CWEX has made me realize that I wanted to work in a daycare and get my E.C.E (early childhood education). I decided for my last semester of grade 12 that I wanted to do CWEX again. Me now, as a grade 12 at the age of 18, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to get my early childhood education but I would like to be an EA in a school. For my placement this year I am following/assisting EA’s in William Grayson School. After my first day of helping kids read, doing math and playing in the gym with the kids I have come to realize this is what I want to do as a career for my life. Thanks to CWEX i have decided what I want to be and where i want to do it. Without this class i would still be lost on ideas of what I’d like to be. This is a wonderful program and it has definitely been a major success to push me to my goal. Thank you 🙂

Jocelyn Tessier
Albert E Peacock School, Moose Jaw SK

Career and Work helped me prepare for my future in many ways. For example it helped me understand the concepts of a job. I also gave first hand experience with an actual job so i can see and feel what it is like working on a job. It also gave me knowledge to understand the responsibility of having a job. It helped me understand the trades and what apprenticeships are. It really prepared me for my future in many ways.

Jeff Pyatutch
Cando Community School, Cando, SK

2016 Award Recipients


My career and work experience class has prepared me for the future by giving me valuable information that will benefit me after high school. The in-class portion of this course provided me with knowledge that I found useful, such as how to prepare for an interview, rights and responsibilities of an employee and understanding how to read a paycheque. It made me think about all areas of a job from how to apply for a position, what to expect and tips on how to leave a job. The job experience portion of this course has given me a heads up of what to expect if I were to get into this career. I am learning useful, hands on skills that can’t be taught in the classroom, as well as an opportunity to ask questions regarding the job. I feel I am better prepared for my future career because of the career and work experience class.

Cassidy Heywood
Rosetown Central High School
Rosetown, SK

My career and work experience class has helped me prepare for the future immensely. I worked at the Sherwood Animal Clinic as well as Remax Real Estate in Regina. Work experience confirmed for me that I was making the right choice in choosing Veterinary Technology and changed my mind about real estate. Work experience equipped me with skills such as teamwork and communication skills. I learned how to work better with both employees and clients/customers of all ages. Work experience also equipped me with knowledge to enhance my resume and cover letters, and particularly my interviews. I had real experience doing an interview and getting feedback on what I could do differently. Because of my job placements, I have a better understanding of the jobs, and for future interviews I will be able to ask questions that resonate with the employer. In order to apply for Veterinary Technology at Saskatchewan Polytechnic I needed to complete sixty hours of documented veterinarian-supervised volunteer work. I put my work experience towards this and ended up getting one hundred and forty hours. Work experience has helped me gain hands-on knowledge about the career I have chosen.

Kaylee Hill
Greenall High School
Balgonie, SK

This class helps me prepare for my future career goals and gives me a really good vision of how the world revolved in terms of careers, trades and everyday requirements of jobs. I have learned how to build a resume, the importance of work ethics, the responsibility of punctuality, what it means to be a team player in a professional work environment, and most importantly appropriate ways to communicate to others in at work. By taking this class it has given me a chance to work with others and why it is important to communicate effectively even when upset or disagree with coworkers. Career Work and exploration has opened my eyes to different careers and help build my resume.

Rayden Noltcho
Grade 10 Student
Buffalo River Dene Nation School


Taking the Career Work Experience 30 class has not only helped me decide what career best defines my character, but has also provided me with real world experience in the work force. I was able to pursue potential jobs which could result in future employment in any given field. By being involved in this course, I have had the ability to study the trade I find most interesting in a hands-on fashion. As one of my placements, I was given the opportunity to work at a local bakery which showed me the basis of what to expect in regard of work hours, labour standards, and the required detail application to become a baker. Without the help of the Career Work Experience class, I would not fully understand the skill set necessary for me to be involved in the baking trade. I believe the CWEX course was one of the most beneficial classes provided in my high school education.

Sierra St. Cyer
Tisdale Middle and Secondary School
Tisdale, SK

2015 Award Recipients

My CWEX class and work experiences have benefited me a lot over the years. It taught me the skills to work effectively in the workplace and be more confident with customers and employers. When I started CWEX in grade ten, I was really shy about meeting different people and trying new things. The class gave me practice in a safe environment and over the years and different job placements and experiences, I got more confident and communicated better with others (classmates, teachers, employers, and customers). I learned how to tell people if something was bothering me or not working well, how to problem solve, and learned many new skills. Some of the placements I had were: Windmill Greenhouses, the Co-Op Gas Bar, Mark’s Work Warehouse, and Shoppers Drug Mart. I also did volunteer work in schools, our Learning Garden at school, and Good Food Box/Hunger in Moose Jaw. My grade 11placement even led to a Part-Time Job that I still have at Mark’s Work Warehouse. I learned to have a great work ethic and do my very best at any job I was given, and recommend this class to anyone.

Michael Haubrich
Albert E. Peacock Collegiate
Moose Jaw, SK


When I began the CWE program I was very lost in what I wanted to do with my future, I had a few ideas but no real direction. Through the program I was able to learn about myself, and get a better understanding of what type of career I would be interested in. For my first placement, I went to a kindergarten class. This experience helped me to realize that I want to be a teacher. The experience was so rewarding and eye opening that I can’t really imagine doing anything else. I never knew how much fun it could be to help a child read or write. Without that experience I may have never discovered my passion and talent for teaching. I really am grateful for this program and I would recommend it to any high school student.

Cassidy Jellison
Tommy Douglas Collegiate
Saskatoon, SK


Work experience has been an extremely helpful and insightful opportunity for me. I was able to work in several different placements that allowed me to explore the wonders of the working world. As a student that was entirely unsure of what career I wanted to pursue, work experience helped me rule out careers not right for me and spark my interest in ones that were. The class also taught me lessons on how to communicate with people and how to be an excellent employee in my future career path, lessons that are not generally taught in a classroom. Work experience is a great opportunity and has helped me make many decisions about my future.

Crystal MacDonald
North West Central School
Plenty, SK


I had the opportunity to participate in the Career and Work Experience 10 program as well as Career and Work A30. I enjoyed taking part in both of these Career classes. By having access to these programs in my community, I was able to have exposure to three different businesses. I liked all the placements but it was my placement at South East Electric in Carlyle that I really found valuable. I had taken an electrical course at school so it was awesome to be able to put the skills I learned in class to practical use. My placement at South East Electric has encouraged me to pursue my dream of being an Electrician. I have learned many valuable skills at my job placements. I also am more aware of safety on the job. I learned new skills and had fun doing the placements. I really am glad I got to participate in the Career and Work Experience Program.

Marc Shaw
G.F. Kells High School
Carlyle School